2. Three Ways to Use Essential Oils

2. Three Ways to Use Essential Oils

There are Three Main Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Routine


When inhaling, it only takes 22 seconds for an oil to reach and affect the brain. Essential oils are super helpful for influencing the limbic system, which is our seat of emotions, when used aromatically.  Essential oils are wonderful for support of the emotions.

Diffusing is another way we use essential oils in our home. It purifies the air, makes your home smell good without chemicals, is great for the respiratory system, stubborn spouses and crazy kids.  I like to have a diffuser in every room.



Essential oils are very quickly absorbed into the skin due to their molecular structure. When applied topically an essential oil takes 2-3 minutes to reach the blood stream and 20 minutes to affect every single cell in the entire body!  It then is metabolized within 2.5 hours.

You can easily create DIY beauty products such as salt scrubs, face cream, bath salts, and lotions using essential oils.  The beauty of it is that these products will be non-toxic and completely natural using essential oils and raw materials.

My favorite thing about applying topically is that it isn’t rocket science.  Apply your essential oils to wherever your intuition tells you.  Apply them to your feet, down your spine, where you need support or your neck, temples, stomach or feet.


Using Carrier Oils

When people first start using essential oils I always recommend that they use carrier oils with them.  I also think it is a good idea to dilute your oils on children.  Just in case someone might have sensitive skin or a detox reaction you can protect the skin using a carrier oil.  A carrier oil also makes spreading the oil over the body much easier.

Read more about carrier oils HERE.



Essential oils can be added to drinks, food and an array of recipes. You can include them in cooking and baking, and they can be added to a capsule.

Always be mindful to use glass or stainless steel when drinking essential oils in water. Citrus oils are known for being able to digest petrochemicals so they will eat through plastic.



Young living oils can be use as a dietary supplements?

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