3. Why Young Living?

3. Why Young Living?

Before you read all the Information that I have to share with you about what various essential oils can do for your body I want to make sure I share with you why I chose Young Living.  I did tons of research and searched HIGH and LOW for the best essential oils company out there.  I tried tons of different brands and experimented with lots of oils.

Do you know what I found?

Quality Matters!

I buy my vegetables from local farmers as much as possible because I want to know exactly how they farm their produce.

I love it that my relationship with Young Living is similar. I have met the farm manager of the Mona, Utah farm and I saw his passion to produce the highest quality essential oil in the world.


For over 20 years, Young Living has set the standard for authenticity and purity. They carefully monitor the production of oils from beginning (planting the seeds) to the end through the unique seed to seal process, ensuring the purity of each essential oil and protecting nature’s living energy in every bottle.

Young Living’s Purpose

  • Bringing Wellness, Abundance, and Purpose to people all over the world
  • Young Living takes the stewardship of the planet very seriously
  • They have a proprietary state-of-the art production process to bring you the purest oils on the earth.
  • Young Living offers the promise of purity from seed to seal.

Growth Facts

  • In 2014, Young Living launched 21 new products, 13 of which were new essential oils
  • In 2014, their active members and sales more than doubled
  • Young Living essential oils come from over 50 different sources and are all worthy of “seed to seal” distinction.

Find out more: http://www.seedtoseal.com


I am so grateful that I’ve been able to visit the lavender farms and get a tour of the entire quality process.  I’ve walked through the fields and watched the hand weeding taking place around the plants. I’ve talked with the farm manager, who is so passionate about producing the highest quality essential oils in the world.  There really is a difference when it comes to Young Living products.

Here we are in the lavender field’s so excited to be there.  Ha ha!  Enjoy!


Bottom line…

You’ll want to make sure the products that you put on your skin are the very best quality out there and I’m sold on this one.  I’ve seen the quality process in action.

Most of the essential oils on the market are not quality, they are synthetic and they can certainly do more harm then good.  I love being part of a company where I know the quality of the oils I am buying!



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