6. Peppermint

6. Peppermint

Peppermint has a wonderful, refreshing, uplifting aroma. It takes 1 lb of raw peppermint material to make a 15 ml bottle of peppermint essential oil.



  • Highly regarded for soothing digestion
  • Promotes healthy intestinal function – use a capsule with a carrier oil to maintain the efficiency of the digestive tract.
  • Promotes healthy bowel function
  • May improve concentration and mental sharpness
  • May support performance during exercise
  • May help curb appetite
  • Add to herbal tea to soothe occasional upset stomach
  • Enhances flavor of food or water (try peppermint brownies). Wow!
  • Add 2-3 drops to your favorite protein like Chocolate protein complete, Yum!

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