16. How to Get These Amazing Oils at the Best Value!

16. How to Get These Amazing Oils at the Best Value!

You can’t use what you don’t have…so how do you get them?

Young Living Essential Oils are not available in stores, and Young Living chose this business model deliberately. The teenager at your local Sprouts cannot educate you and provide you with a community for support and resources. When you become a Young Living member, you get a whole team of people who will guide and support you ­at no extra cost.

We don’t have the oils in stock; they must be ordered directly from YL. Our job is to simply refer you to the company. The only way to get this beautiful PSK with all of these amazing options is to join Young Living as a wholesale member.


What do I love about Young Living?  You can have a wholesale membership with NO STRINGS attached!!! 

This above Premium Starter Kit is only $160.00!!!!!! The retail value of this kit is beyond $300. This includes the oils, product samples, diffuser, and lifetime wholesale membership. There are 4 diffuser options all together (see below).



The below kits are the most economical ways to get started with your new Young Living lifestyle.



What comes in the Premium Starter Kits with diffusers?

An Everyday Oils Collection with the 10 Most Popular Oils

A bonus oil (Stress Away) to bring your collection to 11

A diffuser of your choice (Dewdrop, Bamboo, Rainstone, or Aria)

Oil Sample Packets

Oil Sample Bottles

2 Packets of Ningxia Red

1 Roller Fitment

Bonus: I’ll send you some FREE stuff too! 


To remain an active member, you have to purchase­ $50 every YEAR! That’s it, no strings attached. No monthly requirement. If you go inactive, you just have to make another purchase to reactivate.

I offer a one-on-one phone call to help talk you through how to use your oils once you get started.  Once you enroll with your Premium Starter Kit through the button below email me at rootedblessings [at] gmail [dot] com to set it up!





What kind of support will I get from joining through you?

All new enrollments gain access to The Revolution Oils Learning Community where you will find wonderful support from other essential oil users.  You can search archives and ask questions there.  Our Revolution Oils members are amazing!

I also offer a one-on-one call to chat through your oils.  Just email me at rootedblessings [at] gmail [dot] com to set up a date.

Free bonuses are sent within 25 days of your enrollment!

What other FREE goodies will you get when you enroll?

I will send you a bundle of my FAVORITE reference materials.  Don’t worry!  You will get the most out of your investment!


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