How to Get Started

How to Get Started

Let me begin by saying, PLEASE NOTE: “Signing Up” with Young Living NEVER requires you to SELL!  There is never ANY pressure to sell; signing up as a wholesale member just gives you an awesome discount, access to free product credit as well as free oils each month.  *more on that later

There is, however, always the option for you to do the business side of YL, just ask me if you’re interested in learning about that and we’ll chat!

To begin your journey with using Oils and enjoying YL health and wellness products, it is highly recommended to purchase the Premium Starter Kit-it honestly gives you the most  **BANG** for your buck and comes with some of the most versatile oils that YL offers.

I would absolutely love for you to join me on this Oily Journey!

When you purchase the premium starter kit, you automatically become a Young Living member & will then receive their 24% off, wholesale discount on future orders!

Not only do you get your kit & wholesale membership, you’ll also receive an amazing Starter Guide-FREE!  My gift to you for taking the 1st big step and giving oils a go!  In addition to that, you will have support of other amazing oilers through some super helpful & fun Facebook groups.  We’re here to help and we won’t let you go on this journey alone!

Are you Ready?!?

Below are the instructions for purchasing your Premium Starter Kit:

  1. Click Here to Sign Up!
  2. Select “Wholesale Member” (just to be sure, make sure my member # is listed in the enroller & sponsor boxes…it should be done for you though 1567278)
  3. Fill out your name, billing & shipping address, SSN, and contact info.  (No need to freak out…we promise your SSN will never be used unless you make over $600/year selling Young Living products, in which case they’d send you a 1099 as required by law at the end of the year.  And never fear!  If you don’t feel the “business end” of Young Living is for you, it will never be used.)
  4. Read and Check the Terms & Conditions
  5. Create a username, password and pin.  Write these down so you can quickly & easily access the site again!
  6. The fun part…Select your Starter Kit!!!  Which diffuser will you get?!  I love all 4 of them so you really can’t go wrong.  :)
  7. We recommend clicking “No, thank you.” for Step 3.  No need to sign up for Essential Rewards at this point!  (I can give you more info later)
  8. Enter you payment info.
  9. CHECK OUT! Be sure you get all the way to the confirmation page.
  10. Check your email for TWO emails.  One confirming you signing up and another confirming your order.
  11. YAY!  You are now a member!  It will take 1-2 weeks to get your starter kit, but sometimes it’s faster than that.  Either way, it’s worth the wait and you will love it!

You do not have to renew your membership…that kit was a one time purchase and you will remain a member as long as you spend $50 in a year.  Your kit covers your whole first year & you will never be charged a renewal fee.  If for some reason you choose not to make any further purchases, your membership just goes inactive after 12 months.

We are SO excited for you!  Welcome to the crazy oily life!!


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