8. Understand the Compensation Plan

8. Understand the Compensation Plan

Yes we all love the oils and sharing them with those in need. But let’s be honest – the paycheck can be really nice too. REALLY NICE! And there’s nothing wrong with that. So this week we are going to break the comp plan apart and make sure you understand the ins and outs of getting paid.
Disclaimer – this comp plan is difficult and multilayered. It’s such a beautiful thing because there are so many ways to get paid! Don’t worry too much if you don’t understand every single aspect. If something is hard to understand, let us know.
We will start by reviewing these basic definitions:

PV – Personal volume – this is the total of YOUR personal orders for the month, ER and regular orders.
OGV – Organizational Group Volume – this is the total volume for your entire organization including your orders.
PGV – Personal Group Volume – this is the volume outside of the legs that qualified you for your Silver and above rank, including your orders.
Leg – legs are what qualify you for ranks at Executive and above. They must start with a 100 PV order at the top (ER or regular) and include all of the volume under that person.
Fast Start Period – this refers to the first three month of enrollment for the people you enroll (NOT your first three months).

Enroller – the person who is signing a new member up. This person will receive the starter kit bonus and the fast start bonus during the new member’s first three month.
Sponsor – this is the person under whom a new member is placed. This person will receive commission on the new member after the first three months. The sponsor may not even know the new member.
Unilevel Commissions – these are the commissions you get paid on your members outside of their first three months, once the Fast Start Period has ended. View the comp. plan graphic to see what the percentages and levels are at each rank.
RANKS – it’s important to understand what qualifies you for each rank. Ranks start over each month, and you have to ‘re-earn’ it each month.

Here is a basic breakdown:
∙ Member – 50 PV
. Star – 100 PV/ 500 OGV
∙ Senior Star – 100 PV/ 2000 OGV
∙ Executive- 100 PV/ 4000 OGV/ 2 legs at 1000 PV each
∙ Silver – 100 PV/ 10,000 OGV/ 2 legs at 4000 each/ 1000 PGV
∙ Gold – 100 PV/ 35,000 OGV/ 3 legs at 6000 each/ 1000 PGV
∙ Platinum – 100 PV/ 100,000 OGV/ 4 legs at 8000/ 1000 PGV
∙ Diamond – 100 PV/ 250,000 OGV/ 5 legs at 15,000/ 1000 PGV
∙ Crown Diamond – 100 PV/ 750,000 OGV/ 6 legs at 20,000/ 1000 PGV
∙ Royal Crown Diamond – 100 PV/ 1,500,000 OGV/ 6 legs at 35,000/ 1000 PGV

Notice that each rank above member requires a 100 PV purchase. So once you start caring about ‘ranking,’ 100 PV is a necessity. This PV amount is important to understand in regards to commissions.


Watch this video and THEN…
Comment on something you learned from the video or post today, or something that you understand more clearly.

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