Exploring Your Virtual Office

Exploring Your Virtual Office

Check out the Virtual Office for FREE education about essential oils and Young Living, to place an order, to update your shipping address, check the status of an order, or to see when a product that is out of stock may be available again.  There’s so much available to members!  Let Sherry Root will walk you through the Virtual Office highlights…


How do the monthly promotions work?!? 

Each month Young Living offers FREE products to members that make purchases at three different levels – 190 PV, 250 PV, and 300 PV.  If you spend 190 PV on Essential Rewards you will get an extra FREEBIE {and ER Points – aka FREE product credit}!


Remember, PV means Product Volume or Personal Volume.  Every item has a PV.  Most items the dollar amount and PV are the same, but some products have a reduced PV or 0 PV.  Examples are diffusers, very rare oils {Melissa, Rose…}, and oil cases to name a few.  The PV is shown near the price in the Product Guide and in the Virtual Office.


To qualify you must meet the designated PV in ONE purchase.  So if you spend 100 PV and then place a second order of 90 PV you will not qualify.


Here is an example, this was April 2016’s promo, it was great – especially for those on Essential Rewards!  Free Stress Away?!?  Yes, please!  So for April 2016 if you place a quick order of 190 PV you will automatically receive a 15 mL Orange and a 5 mL Panaway.

If you place an Essential Rewards order of 190 PV you will also get the 15 mL Stress Away, automatically and totally FREE!  If you spend 250 you will get the 190 PV level freebies AND a bottle of Digest & Cleanse.  If you spend 300 PV you will get the 190 PV level freebies, the 250 level freebie, AND the Just For Kids Collection – which includes three 5 mL oils {GeneYus, Owie, and TummyGize} all AUTOMATICALLY and totally FREE!


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