Useful Oily Tips

Useful Oily Tips

You may feel like you need to learn a whole new language as you begin your oily journey; and while that isn’t really the case – here are some definitions and acronyms that might help you along the way.  Are there any other terms or acronyms you have seen that we can help define?  Let us know in the comments and we will put our oily heads together and try to find you an answer!





What is a Vitality Oil?!?  I’m sure you have seen the new white labeled “Vitality” oils.  These oils are labeled for DIETARY {internal} use.  The colorful bottles are labeled for TOPICAL/AROMATIC use.


If you have a bottle of Thieves and a bottle of Thieves Vitality the ONLY difference is the labeling!  It’s the SAME oil, SAME purity, SAME quality, SAME effectiveness, and SAME commitment to quality – backed by the Seed to Seal promise.


How do I know what oil to use for what?!?  Get plugged in to your team’s facebook page!  They are a wealth of information.  If you are in the downline of Platinum Leader Susan Heid, you are welcome to join The Oily Situation Room.  If you are not in Susan’s downline or are unsure – contact the person that introduced you to Young Living and they can help guide you.


Sometimes you may have a question that your team facebook page can’t answer.  In that case we recommend investing in reference material.  There are several great options that can be purchased from Life Science Publishers, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Many of our favorites are under $15 and some of the best money you will ever spend!  There are books specific to babies and essential oils, the chemistry of essential oils and more!  By investing in resources you empower yourself to take control of your wellness journey.


If you need an answer and don’t have your reference material handy there are a few websites that you may find helpful.


Three of our favorites are Pinterest,, and  When using Pinterest I like to use the search feature and type in “Young Living Peppermint” or “Young Living digestive support” etc.  Of course you will also want to use common sense and your best judgement when deciding what information to rely on.

Being empowered in your wellness is our desire – these tips will get you on your way!


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