What a Carrier oil is and Why you will be using one

What a Carrier oil is and Why you will be using one

Carrier oils are used to dilute our essential oils and make them easier to spread over a larger area or to ensure we don’t apply oils that are hot to the skin. Carrier oils are fatty, large-molecule oils such as Coconut , Olive oil, Avocado, Argan & Almond oil are a few of the most used. Cold pressed and organic options are the best.

~Diluting an essential oil doesn’t mean reducing the effectiveness. Diluting an oil can make it last longer because it will keep the oil from evaporating on your skin and will slow down the absorption process.

~Each bottle of essential oil has a dilution ratio to help you figure out how much to use.

~Depending on what you are using them for is which oil you’d pick.
I like Argan or Jojoba on my face & coconut on my body. You would be more likely to use Coconut in something like a body whip but not in a rollerball since it returns to a solid state when cooled.

*If an essential oil ever feels too hot on your skin, add more carrier oil to cool it.
Thieves and Peppermint are 2 oils considered hot and should always be diluted on your skin as an example


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