Overview and becoming a Wholesale Member

Overview and becoming a Wholesale Member


So you have gone through all the sections and learned all about …

  • What Essential oils are
  • How to use them
  • Safety first
  • What Carrier oils are
  • Seed to Seal
  • All about Ningxia Red
  • What’s in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit
This is just the very beginning of  What Young Living has to offer you. Young living has a great supplement line, Pain Cream, Cough drops, YL’s animal line, Kids lines, Thieves Household cleaning line and Tons of other great stuff. 

So now I’ll explain how to become a Wholesale member and get 24% off retail prices

I recommended Young Living to you because I’ve been in the position that you are in right now looking to get started with essential oils and looking to make changes in my household . All you need to do is get started and get the Premium starter kit and you become a Wholesale Member.

~when you enroll as a Wholesale Member you can then buy everything at a 24% off retail price! You are just a member who gets a 24% off discount.

~You only need to spend $50 in oils per Year to maintain your membership. ( You are all set for the year after you buy your kit )

~You gain a Team/community of friends to help you along your Oily Journey. This is very important. My team and I are here to support you every step of the way in your Oily Journey. We have 2 closed facebook groups for you to learn and ask questions.

~Another benefit of being a wholesale member is the ability to share Young Living with friends and family and earn a thank-you check. This is JUST A bonus NOT ever required. There is absolutely NEVER any obligation to sell or any pressure to refer, this is just a benefit if you decided you wanted to refer someone!! That’s it that’s all…It’s like Costco’s or BJ’s where you get a discount as a member …Except IF YOU WANTED you could earn a referral check just by helping a friend become a member. Easy Peasy..





Are you ready to become a Young Living Wholesale Member?


2 ways for you to get started

1) Want a step by step of the signup process.. ***Click RIGHT HERE   .  and I will show you step by step what to expect. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. I’m an overachiever. I include step by step pictures to help you see exactly what to do. 


2)Don’t need all that and want to go directly to the Membership signup CLICK HERE  and jump right in the process. 

Either way After signing up you will get some BONUS Gifts for From Me!***

2A little something to get youstarted on your Oily Journey

Anyone who enrolls through my sign-up link and buys a Premium Starter Kit will get these gifts for FREE:

  • 1 Daily Life Essentials book
  • 2 rollerballs ( to make your own carry along oils )
  • access to my personal email for support
  • and Access to 2 different Essential oils community groups, video’s and tips and tricks on best using your essential oils.


Not sure how to do all this? Just email me at Preciousdropsofoil@gmail.com and I’ll help you along. 

*These gifts are only eligible for US residents. (I cannot ship reference materials or other supplies outside of the US).

** If you do not finalize your enrollment with a premium starter kit in the same month you start the enrollment process, you will not be eligible for the bonus gifts


Be sure to email me also if you have any additional questions



Look forward to hearing from you





*DISCLOSURE: Please note these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. I am not a doctor. I am simply sharing my experiences.


Direct link to signup HERE 


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