Savvy Minerals Makeup

Savvy Minerals Makeup

We are so glad you stopped in today! We are The Scentsible Tribe, a community of wellness educators who are incredibly passionate about Young Living Essential Oil products and the jaw-dropping things they can do. 

We’re normal, everyday people who have found something powerful (and natural!) to get us through our days with optimal health. This has resulted in cutting down on all the toxic products we used to put in and on our bodies every day.

It is our hope that every single person we know will jump in with both feet because we’re confident about how much it will help them enhance and maintain a wellness lifestyle.

We would love to walk you through a course on Savvy Minerals Makeup, Young Living’s makeup line. Did you know that the average woman applies over 300 chemicals to the body per day through soaps, lotions, shampoo, deodorant, make up and oral hygiene products? An average of 80 of these chemicals are applied just in the morning before breakfast!

In a recent study, 75% of lipstick samples were found to contain lead, a metal that humans should avoid entirely. We hope that this class will help you understand the importance of choosing to use clean makeup on our faces.

 There will be a total of 21 short classes that you can go through in 5-10 minutes each.

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