The 6th Chakra: INDIGO

The 6th Chakra: INDIGO

The sixth chakra is also called the third eye chakra or the indigo chakra. It is located between the eye brows. The sixth chakra deals with your inner vision, intuition and intellect.
With an open sixth chakra you can connect better with your intuitive abilities. You are able to see your life purpose from an expanded view and you have better trust in the process of life. Your consciousness and awareness are greatly expanded.
Your Third Eye Chakra is dysfunctional if you experience any of the following; Irritation towards anyone, Allergic to someone, Don’t like what you see in your own life, Don’t want to see what is out there, Don’t want to see what is going on in the family, Inability to see ahead with joy, Believing in dark future, Resisting life’s flow, Not trusting life’s process, Don’t want to hear the truth, Longstanding unresolved emotional problems, Refusing to change old patterns, Clogged thinking, Fear of the present and future life, Denial of the true self, self image, denying your own trouble, ‘I’ trouble, Invalidating the self, Self-criticism, Not feeling good enough, Not worthy.

The symptoms of a dysfunctional sixth chakra are :

Physical : Brain Tumor, Cataracts, Deafness, Dyslexia, Insomnia, Far-sightedness, Migraine, Short-sightedness, Sinus Problems, Tension Headaches, Allergies, Crossed eyes, Deafness, Earache, Fainting spells, Certain cases of blindness, Sty, Astigmatism, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Exotropia, scalp related problems, blood supply to the head, Cancer, Headaches, Nervousness, Anxiety disorders, Insomnia, Head colds, High blood pressure, Migraine headaches (also first and seventh chakras), Nervous Breakdowns, Amnesia, Chronic tiredness, Dizziness, Hormonal imbalances, Growth or development issues, Body-image disorders.

Emotional : Crossed purposes, unforgiveness, Feeling overwhelmed, Rejection, Stubbornness, Isolation – Not wanting to be bothered, Anger – Too much turmoil – Can’t cope, Blacking out, Incorrect beliefs, Dislike of being driven, Anxiety, Struggle, Self-centeredness, ‘Yes, but’ attitude, Lack of joy, Flighty, Scattered thinking, Invalidating the self, Self-criticism, Jammed channels of communication, Difficulty in planning the future.

Essential oils to help balance the Third Eye chakra:
Idaho blue spruce
Clary Sage
White Angelica
Dream Catcher

Apply between the eyebrows.

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