That’s A Wrap!

That’s A Wrap!

And that’s all, folks!

Now, I know for those of you who are chemistry buffs, I might have left out some pieces. I get that. But, this class was the simplified version (but a version I still wanted to be mostly complete). I hope we end this class with you understanding how amazing these oils are better than you did before, and if you’re new to the oily world, I hope you’re leaving with confidence to dive in!

Take your time going through this material and ask questions! We would love to answer them!



THANK YOU for all this information. It’s extremely thorough and helpful. My entire household has eczema and my desire to help them manage and eradicate this condition prompted my interest in essential oils. I’’ve been experimenting and making body/face moisturizers for a couple of years now that, along with diet and water quality shifts, has successfully helped them manage this condition and minimize outbreaks. Seeing the efficacy of these oils has sparked greater interest in learning more about them and all form of plant and natural medicinal approaches. What, where did you study? What manuals, books, courses, comprehensive programs did you get this info from? Can you please give any additional info or references that you think might be helpful or that might lead me in the right direction?

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